About By Cocoyu


What is By Cocoyu all about?

By Cocoyu is a handmade jewellery brand that rejects the idea that we are expected to 'grow up' and put our love for fairytales, princesses and whimsical things aside in adulthood. Instead, we seek to create fairytale-like dreamy jewellery that expresses that love. By Cocoyu is for the dreamer who wants to continue loving and living their own version of a fanciful life.

We also provide made-to-order jewellery, meaning that we can reduce wastage of materials and make pieces according to demand. Making the jewellery according to your specifications means that you can also have jewellery that fits YOU.

Our ‘Limited Collections’, or ready-made pieces are made to wow and bring to life the ultimate fantasy jewellery. These pieces are made in limited quantities each time, and will only be remade and restocked according to demand. Customizations for these jewellery are limited, and depends on availability. 


Buying from By Cocoyu means that you support a small business that personally makes and sends you your pieces.

Currently, I (Cocoyu) am the only one designing and making jewellery, while also running and maintaining this business.

The handmade nature of our pieces mean that they simply cannot be compared to bigger businesses that manufacture their products at a much larger scale. Our jewellery is made in limited quantities and take more time, but this also means that you will receive something that is meaningful and carefully handcrafted.


Love, Cocoyu