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Rosepink Earcuffs

Rosepink Earcuffs

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This elegant S-shaped ear cuff is handcrafted with rose-gold coloured wire, glass beads and  acrylic flowers in gorgeous shades of rosy pink to be the perfect spring ear accessory.

*Earcuffs are sold in a pair.

How to wear your ear cuffs!

  • The longer hook will go behind your ear from the top, while the shorter hook at the bottom with go behind your ear from the bottom. 
  • One the earcuff is on your ear, you can squeeze the top and bottom to fit your ear if it's too loose.

Processing and Shipping

This is a ready-to-ship piece which will be processed and shipped in 4 business days. However, do take note that if you have any made-to-order items in your order, it can take 1-2 weeks for us to make and ship your entire order.

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Jewellery Care

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